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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Easy Soft Tacos for One Serving Recipe

1 tsp Volcanic Sauce
1/3 cup seasoned taco meat*
3-4 tbs salsa
1 flour tortilla

*Taco meat is usually ground beef seasoned with a prepared mixture -- the exact quantities to cook will vary by the brand of seasoning you employ. But you can use any kind of seasoned meat you like to make tacos out of.

Warm the tortilla over the burner on the oven for a few moments to soften it. Then spread one side of the tortilla with the Volcanic sauce. Scatter the remaining ingredients into the tortilla, and fold it in half. Voila, it's a taco.

Using the Volcanic sauce this way will help give the taco filling something to stick to and keep the tortilla from getting soggy too quickly.

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