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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Spinach Toast - Healthy Single Serving Recipe

 From the 18th century cookbook English Houswifery:

To make SPINAGE TOASTS. Take a handful or two of young spinage and wash it, drain it from the water, put it into a pan with a lump of butter, and a little salt, let it stew whilst it be tender, only turn it in the boiling, then take it up and squeeze out the water, put in another lump of butter and chop it small, put to it a handful of currans plump'd, and a little nutmeg; have three toasts cut from a penny loaf well buttered, then lie on your spinage. This is proper for a side-dish either for noon or night. 
My modern version goes like this:

1 c frozen spinach
1 tbs sultanas or currants
1 tbs butter
2 dashes nutmeg
salt to taste

2 slices of toasted sandwich bread, buttered

Microwave the spinach till hot and drain off excess liquid. Mix in the sultanas, butter, salt and nutmeg, combining thoroughly. Then divide the mixture over two slices of toast.

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