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Monday, February 8, 2016

Best Frosting for Mug Cakes - One Serving Frosting Recipe

Mug cakes are a popular dessert item and are extremely practical for single-serve cooks. The trouble is that they need one-serving frosting recipes to go with them! 

Since mug cakes are usually eaten hot from the microwave, they present a unique challenge in that most butter-based frosting will simply melt into a hot cake. 

After some trial and error, I concluded that a Cream Cheese Frosting is the way to go with mug cakes. It holds its shape even atop a hot dish, and the cream cheese already has lots of flavor to make up for the minimal amount of ingredients one can work into it. 

The recipe is:

2 tbs cream cheese
4 tsp Karo light corn syrup

These two ingredients are simply blended together thoroughly to make the frosting. Serve on the cake of your choice.

Why Karo syrup? Because it has vanilla already added! (And no, I'm not paid to post about Karo syrup, I really did simply determine it to be the best ingredient to use for this recipe.) When doing one serving recipes, vanilla can be problematic since even in a 12 serving frosting recipe there is usually not much more than a teaspoon used. The Karo syrup already has a suitably small amount right in the mix, meaning you don't have to measure out absurdly small amounts of vanilla extract in order to prepare this frosting! It also doesn't need a lot of mixing, so there is no risk of grainy sugar bits left in the frosting. Simply smooth it over your cake of choice and dig in!

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