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Monday, September 12, 2016

Kichi Kichi Inspired Omurice Recipe

Inspired by the viral video, this is my effort to mimic the omurice of Kichi Kichi in Kyoto.

Omurice is a Japanese dish consisting of an omelette atop fried rice, normally flavored with ketchup, but in Kichi Kichi's version, a beef demi-glace is used.

Kichi Kichi is famous for the carefully shaped omelette which unfolds intself over the rice when sliced open. I have not succeeded in producing the effect myself (though, my suspicions based on 3 different trials so far, is that it probably needs a medium heat and a very particular size of pan.) This resulting recipe tastes good, regardless whether you can make the perfect omurice omelette.

1/3 c white rice (short grain preferred)
2/3 c water (approximate)
vegetable oil, for cooking
2 tbs diced onions
2 tbs diced chicken
1/4 c mirepoix or other chopped veggies
1 tbs butter
Demi-glace sauce, to taste

Cook the rice till tender by boiling it in the water, in a covered pot. (Add more water if necessary to prevent burning or dryness.)
In a skillet, put the oil, chicken, and vegetables, and let them cook till softened.
Add the butter and the cooked rice, and stir fry for a minute or two to combine and heat evenly.
Add prepared demi-glace to taste and mix well.

At this point, the rice should be molded on a plate into a sort of oval mound.

4 large eggs
dash salt
vegetable oil, for cooking

Beat the eggs and salt together, and run the eggs through a strainer to remove the stringy parts of the white. In a well-oiled skillet, put the egg mixture and try to mold it at the edge of the pan into a oval shape to match the outline of the rice. Let the eggs cook firm but, if possible, let the inside part stay soft.

Carefully place the eggs atop the rice mound.

Demi-glace sauce
dried parsley

If you managed to make the omelette in the style of Kichi Kichi, slice it open and let it fall over the rice.
Top the omelette with a few spoonfuls of demi-glace, and a dash of dried parsley for garnish.

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