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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Triple Toasted French Toast (à la Rammstein)

I invented this because the Rammstein USA Facebook Page was having a contest for a Rammstein breakfast. I suspect the contest winner just gets chosen by who has the best photo (which this is not) but I was very very happy with my invented recipe!

You need:
1 slice bread
1 egg
3 tbs milk
dash salt
dash vanilla extract
1 tsp butter, plus more for frying
2 tsp brown sugar
Goldschläger liqueur and Dark Rum

Begin by lightly toasting your piece of bread. Meanwhile, beat together the egg, milk, salt and vanilla in a large bowl. When the toast is ready, coat it in the egg mixture, letting it soak long enough that the bread absorbs all the liquid.

In a buttered pan, fry up the piece of toast till well cooked and browned. In the meantime, combine your brown sugar with the teaspoon of melted butter. When you toast is finished frying, place it on a fire-safe dish. Spread the brown sugar mixture over the top of the bread.

Now, pour over some Goldschläger and some Rum, enough to pool up on top of the bread. When ready to serve, ignite this liquid, and let it burn itself out before eating.

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