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Monday, April 22, 2013

Tatties -- a different sort of sandwich

In Scotland, I was introduced to a new way of serving baked potatoes -- basically, one treats them as a sandwich. The above photo shows essentially the same filling as the Hot Egg Salad Wrap Recipe, but converted for a potato.

The first trick to making a good filled potato, is to use one with a thin skin. It's no fun to be wrestling off and picking at a tough jacket when you're trying to get at your food; you just want something you can cut through and eat.

Next, a trick I learned in London: before cooking the potato, oil or butter the skin, and coat it with some salt. Since you'll be eating the skin this flavorizing is important. 

Get the potato cooked through and serve it very hot. If the potato is hot enough it can be topped with cold ingredients which will become warm by contact with said potato. 

These potatoes are especially good with deli salads (egg salad, chicken salad, etc.) They're also nice if served simply with some butter and sour cream, or a flavored cream cheese. They generally hold a little less filling than a sandwich on bread, so can be a nice way to extend your salads or use up small amounts of leftovers.

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