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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Old Hollywood Salad Recipe - Single Serving Recipe

There's a Young Hollywood Salad, so I decided to call this an Old Hollywood Salad, because it reminds me of the kinds of salads people were eating in Southern California when I was growing up there. This salad needs to be prepared a little in advance of when you plan to eat it, to allow all ingredients to chill and marinate. 

For the dressing:

3 tbs olive oil
2 tbs white wine vinegar
2 tbs water
1/2 tsp dried basil
1/4 tsp dried cilantro
1/4 tsp dijon mustard
1/4 tsp (heaping) sugar
2 dashes salt
2 dashes pepper

For the salad:
3/4 cup bowtie pasta
boiling salted water (for cooking the pasta)
1/2 of a 5 oz can brined or salted tuna, drained
1 hard boiled egg, peeled and sliced
1/2 avocado, sliced
1-2 handfuls of fresh baby spinach
green onions, finely chopped

Begin by cooking the pasta in the the boiling water, till it is al dente.
While the pasta cooks, prepare the dressing: mix all dressing ingredients together in a bowl and whisk together thoroughly.
Add two tablespoons of the dressing to the drained tuna, and let chill together for 1 hour.
When the pasta is ready, drain it, and combine with 2 tablespoons of the vinaigrette. Allow the pasta to chill for 1 hour.
When the tuna and pasta are ready, prepare a dish with the spinach leaves, and arrange the tuna, pasta, egg and sliced avocado around it. Garnish with the green onion. Serve with the remaining dressing.

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